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Why Andalusia captivates those who approach it a little too closely


=> Paragliding
The many Sierras and valleys offer multiple flying sites. This is a territory known for decades and the names of Algodonales, El Yelmo, Cenes de la Vega, Otivar, Orgiva, Matalascañas, El Jabalcon, etc., ... have become mythical for all the pilots of the whole world.


=> The beaches
Andalusia is Spain's best beaches, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea are bathed in fine white sand in the west and rocky clay in the east. For those of us who like to feel the spray on the face, the scent of iodine and the song of the waves, having the sea nearby is a must.


=> The joy of the locals
Because Andalusians are open, pleasant and communicative people. Because if you get lost in an alley or do not know where to go, the Andalusian will take the time to guide you and help you ... we too :-)


=> Beautiful weather all year long
Although, to be honest, you will have a little trouble in the summer, it is really too hot.


=> Rich culture
The many civilizations that have passed (Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, ...) have left their historical imprint, year after year. It would take you years to travel all over Andalusia and its magnificent monuments and renowned buildings (the Mosque of Cordoba, the Giralda of Seville, the Alhambra of Granada, etc.).


=> Mountains
The highest point of the Iberian Peninsula is in Andalusia, in the Sierra Nevada, it is the peak Mulhacén at 3478 meters. The most cultured among you will notice that the top of Spain is in Tenerife, it is Teide, in the Canary Islands. :-) In Granada, you even have a famous ski resort and the Sierras are very numerous all over the territory.


=> Living nature and natural parks
For example the Doñana Natural Park, where we can see protected species such as lynx and many others such as flamingos and a variety of birds, deer, rabbits, chamois, etc ...


=> White villages
There would be no space to name them all, so we invite you to come to Andalusia and discover them for yourself.

=> Gastronomy

Every town and village in Andalusia has its typical dishes! You cannot visit Andalusia without tasting Jamon Serrano, strawberries, olive oil, anchovies, coquina, shrimps, wines ...

=> A desert !!

In Almeria, a place that has served as a scene for many film and series scenes, such as the famous "Game of Thrones" to name but one and current that we know almost all.

=> Sunsets

On the Atlantic coast, in Huelva in particular, it lasts a little longer and its pink sky is a real pleasure for the eyes. These are the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in my life

=> For the party

Innumerable are the festivals celebrating a historic event or simply the annual férias of each village. You will have fun like never and until no time if you like the nightlife.

=> Flamenco

He was born here, it's his cradle. And as we all know, this is a musical genre that has crossed borders to Japan. If you like flamenco and want to enjoy it, we know the neighborhoods of Granada or Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz ... You can breathe art