Terms of purchase and safety

Most of pilots who come to fly with us are leisure pilots ... and also a few xc pilots :-)

They come mostly for 7 days but if you prefer, you can join us for a period ranging from 5 days to 14 days, the price will be pro-rated.

Our services are intended for autonomous and healthy paraglider pilots who have understood the benefits of the services of a local guide.  

The European health insurance card (EHIC) and repatriation assistance type insurance is recommended, as for all stays abroad.

To be able to benefit from our services, on your arrival, you complete and sign


- Be an autonomous pilot

- Have liability insurance

- Respect the airspace, laws, regulations and local standards

- Fly with your personal equipment, recent, complete, revised and corresponding to your skills.

- Be valid and in good health ( consult the advice of the IRBMS )

- Have the license from your national federation or equivalent

- Relieve all direct or indirect responsibilities of your local guide and any assistants

The payment of the balance of your purchase is made on arrival in your accommodation.

- Prices, information and photos are not contractual, to get a quote and confirm a reservation, please contact us

- Our services are not similar to the courses of paragliding instructor or travel agent or organizer.

- ONLY ONE return AIRPORT TRANSFER per group. A group = arrival and departure at the same times, same dates. A supplement may be claimed if necessary.

For the few XC pilots who join us, here is the framework set up:

- Livetracking is mandatory for each flight

- Pilots who have personal objectives (long distance flights, etc.) can refer to the URUBUpremium package,. For other packages, it is always the interests of the group that will predominate in the organization's choices.

- One recovery per day and per group is included in our packages and the maximum distance is 100kms by road. For extra-ordinary flights, outside the axis indicated during the briefing or multiple recoveries on the same day, a supplement may possibly be claimed from the pilot (s).

Additional purchase conditions for XC pilots, competitors or cross-country weeks

Legal data