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Terms of purchase and safety

Our services are intended for autonomous and healthy paraglider pilots who have understood the advantages of the logistical support we offer. It is not about schooling.  

To be able to take advantage of our services, on your arrival, you certify and sign 

- Be an autonomous pilot regularly practicing the activity.

- Have a valid civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance

- Respect the airspace, laws, regulations and standards in force

- Fly with your personal equipment, complete and revised including reserve parachute(s) and corresponding to your skills.

- Be in good health ( see IRBMS advice )

- Have a valid pilot's license from your federation  

  • Practice the activity under your responsibility with your own complete, adequate (weight..), recent, and revised equipment.

  • Come and fly with your EN-A, B or C paraglider adapted to your skills, physical fitness and flight hours.. Please note that we do not offer our services to competition wing pilots, EN-D, CCC, non-certified, Moustache, Mini-wing, or other paramotor wings, etc.


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and repatriation assistance type insurance is recommended, as for all stays abroad.


The payment of the balance of your purchase is made upon arrival in your accommodation. 

- Rates, information and photos are not contractual, to obtain a quote and confirm a reservation, please contact us.

- Our services are not similar to paragliding instructor courses, travel agent or organizer courses.

- ONLY ONE return AIRPORT TRANSFER per group. One group = arrival and departure at the same times, same dates from Seville airport. A supplement may be claimed if necessary.  

- *For arrivals and departures on different days or at night, contact us. A supplement may be requested

-  Accommodation is provided by default in double rooms in rural houses, ideally located in Zahara de la Sierra (one of the most beautiful villages in Spain) or Algodonales. If you want more luxury, such as a swimming pool, a single room, the hotel in half board or full board it is possible  by means of  the corresponding supplement.

- Prices are calculated per day regardless of arrival and departure times*. Example: arrival Friday 8 p.m. and departure Thursday 11 a.m. = 7 days

- Accompaniment and inherent logistics begins at Algodonales at 11 a.m. and ends no later than 8 p.m. at Algodonales (except transfers)


- From customers:

In the event of cancellation by a client more than 30 days before the arrival date, only 10% of the amount will be claimed from the pilot(s) concerned.

In the event of cancellation less than 30 days before the arrival date, 50% of the amount will be claimed from the pilot(s) concerned.

If one or more customers who are members of a group cancel, we reserve the right to cancel the entire week under the same conditions.

- From Urubu Parapente:

In the event of cancellation on our part, we undertake to refund you in full the deposit already paid. We do not reimburse plane tickets or other miscellaneous expenses already incurred for your stay. We do not compensate for any losses or damages related to cancellation.


Additional conditions of purchase for XC pilots

Legal data

In practice, we provide services to specific people on an occasional and sporadic basis and not for combined trips or paragliding courses.

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