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Additional purchase conditions and security for XC PILOTS

For the few XC pilots  who join us, here is the framework set up.

The purpose of this framework is to promote the group, the efficiency of the recovery, the safety and to encourage the pilots to fly together or in the same direction.

- Livetracking is mandatory for each flight

- It is always the interests of the group that will predominate in the organization's choices.

- One recovery per day and per group is included in our packages and the distance included is 100kms by road. For extraordinary flights, outside the axis granted during the briefing or multiple recoveries on the same day, a supplement may possibly be claimed from the pilot (s). Big distance flights is NOT what we do, the idea is being to be back in the village at a decent hour for the evening meal

If applicable, here is how the supplement is calculated beyond 100kms by road between the deco and the point  landing  pilots:

- 1 driver to collect: the driver will pay an extra of € 0.30 for each kilometer outside the package

- 2 drivers to collect: the group of two will pay an extra 0.40 € (i.e. 0.20 € each) for each kilometer added to the package 

- 3 pilots to collect: the group of three pays an extra 0.51 € (or 0.17 € each) for each kilometer added to the package

-> 4  drivers to retrieve:  the group pays  an extra of 0.60 € (maximum 0.15 € each) for each kilometer added to the  package

Example 1  :  Chrigel Duclub made a flight of 93kms in the axis indicated during the briefing. The retrieval puts its location in the GPS and the distance by road is 99kms, or 198 km round trip. Chrigel will not have to pay any supplement

Example 2: Jean-Jacques de Championet, accompanied by 2 other pilots of the group realize a flight of 135kms. The retrieval puts their location in the GPS and the distance by road is 178 km, or 356 km round trip. The group of 3 pilots will have to pay a supplement of 78 €, that is to say 26 € each (for the 156 kms exceeding the  package  included of 200kms round trip)


Example 3: The next day, JJ repeats his feat alone, he achieves his personal best and flies 162 km. The retrieval puts its location in the GPS and the distance by road is 223 km, or 446 km round trip. JJ will have to pay a supplement of 73.8 € (i.e. 246 km exceeding the included package of 200 km round trip)

Example 4: The group achieves a nice flight of 75 kms in the axis indicated at the briefing, they do not pay any supplement. On the other hand, this time JJ improvised a 90 ° axis of the group and he posed alone in the pampas only 30 kms away. not a word  will be  collected after the group and will pay a small supplement of 10 € (0.30 € / km road)

In the vast majority, no supplement is necessary and very often the pilots achieve personal bests with us. 

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