URURU is a small vulture from South America, a cousin of "our" giants, the famous griffon vultures. Flying with them is a feeling to live at least once in your life, you will see!


Live the unique paragliding experience in Andalusia without breaking the bank!

Urubu-parapente takes care of the logistics and you benefit from a local guide included.


Passionate about paragliding and nature, we like to be there as often as possible and therefore, to live this dream, we are established here.

This desire to fly being stronger than our material needs, we simply live in tune with the seasons and the sun and we value each day the chance to live this passion and to be able to share our experience with you.


No longer looking at the sky as before, being able to read the clouds, apprehend thunderstorms, plan a good day, so many daily challenges. The passion for paragliding requires us to be flexible and mobile. This need to constantly adapt makes us versatile, with pleasure as our only thread.

Our 100% free flight spirit is the antithesis of the competitive spirit. By always being on the best site, you maximize pleasure, smile and good humor.



Sharing is an essential value at URUBU

When you are passionate about free flight, paragliding and nature, you want to share highlights, whether in action or contemplation.

Do you prefer to fly alone or with friends? For us it's the same.

Should we limit the world of paragliding to a single yoke? The answer is no.

We share, and we trust people, while respecting paragliding culture and its rules.


Because we are different, no one can speak for us.

We have bet on you and over the seasons our offer evolves according to your expectations, suggestions and feedback. At URUBU: we are in direct and permanent interaction with our users.

This independent spirit in the service of passion guides us.



Speak less, evolve in his vision of the world, in his passions, in sport, in the relationship with others, in the love of nature, everyone can do it.

At URUBU it's a culture. Go see further, otherwise, but also at the bottom of your home by exploring your garden by a thousand paths. Everything is a source of positive adventure. Fly more, open ways, make it possible.


Preserving our environment is a priority. We are passionate about nature, especially animals.

Ecology is a very worrying subject, for which there is no perfect answer, except to want to be better every day.

We are fully aware of the ecological footprint of low-cost flights allowing you to come fly with us. On the other hand, we discourage the purchase of plastic "single use" by stopping at the fountains allowing you to fill up with drinking water for the day, we consume local and often organic and we have a careful eye on the all of our consumption. Of course, picking up visible waste on our way has also become a habit. In short, we do our best ...


You appreciate our policy of small groups and we are aware that this spirit benefits everyone.

Each pilot comes with a background, expectations, unique objectives and only a small structure that can listen fully and be adapted to each and everyone. And, we speak your language.


By experienced pilots, for demanding pilots.

✔️ local paragliding guide
✔️ pick up at Sevilla Airport by taxi

✔️ shuttles

✔️ recoveries

✔️ housing ideally located

✔️ English, French & Spanish speaking guide

✔️ non-paragliding activities




The URUBU-ParapenteⓇ team awaits you all year round from Algodonales