Where and when does URUBU-Parapente operate?

Our guided weeks are offered:

- From Algodonales from 09/15 to 04/30 (fall-winter season - autonomous pilots all levels)

- From Piedrahita (summer season - only for experienced XC and competitors pilots)

Can I register?

Our services are intended exclusively for autonomous pilots with RC insurance and accompanying persons

What are the strengths of URUBU paragliding in Spain?

URUBU parapente is unique, which is why it is difficult to speak of us by comparing ourselves to what exists. Here are some of our strengths:

- We are specialized in local guiding in Spain

- We only welcome small groups and individual pilots

- We speak French, Spanish and English and live in Spain for paragliding all year round

- We ourselves are cross country, tandem and a little freestyle pilots

- Whether you are good or not so good, we understand that you want to have fun safe

- We work with the best players in local paragliding small world.

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What is the advantage of using the services of an URUBU-paragliding guide?

This is the option that allows you to understand the local particularities of paragliding on a site that you rarely visit or which is new to you. You significantly increase your flying hours, your safety, and respect for airspaces. You are going to fly to the right site, you have shuttles and pick-ups, your accommodation is ideally located and your benefits are also numerous for life after the flight. You benefit from all the good plans and local prices. Do not deny yourself, it's called an opportunity!

How is a typical day organized for pilots?

In the morning, it's free time. The group meets at 11am for an interactive briefing where we will analyze together the weather, aerological conditions, the flight plan, particularities of the decoration, the airstrip, the site in general, the air spaces, the notams, the avifauna. and special precautions depending on the season, the organization of shuttles and pick-ups or the proposed activities for accompanying persons ... in short, everything that will allow you to take off while being correctly informed about your next flight and the organization of the day. Depending on the level and the expectations of the pilots, the briefing is adapted and is obviously not the same for experienced cross-country pilots, competitors in Enzo3 as for recreational pilots in Hook5.

Noon, we load the paragliders into the vehicle, we arrive at the take-off well before the first interesting cycles of the day and off we go for a beautiful day of well-organized paragliding with dedicated shuttles and recoveries ...

In the evening, we join the accompanying persons and the evening meal is done in a good mood around the local cuisine .... Eat, Fly, Sleep, Repeat :-p

Go see our little videos and photos, you will have an idea of ​​what awaits you with us ...

If I have to fly on my own, do it yourself Cost Present cheaper?

Do your accounts, you will understand that coming without us is not cheaper. On the contrary, it can even cost you a lot more. You risk unpleasant surprises, renting a car with insurance and unforeseen supplements. In all areas of your stay, with us, you are a winner and you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Will I be flying more hours with URUBU?

The conditions here are idyllic but how many times have we not heard from foreign pilots who complained about the conditions during their stay while at the same time our group was flying hours and hours. The secret: knowing the region and moving! The proximity of the ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the powerful convection, the breezes, etc., make the weather conditions difficult to understand. Local and up-to-date information will be very useful, you will certainly fly a lot more with us.

Will the non-flying companions have fun?

This is precisely one of our strengths, we offer free or paid quality options. We are in a splendid region for lovers of nature and culture. Obviously, if beaches and malls are your thing, we can't help you :-)

I don't speak a word of Spanish, is that  an issue?

No, it does not matter, URUBU-Parapente offers an accompaniment service in English too, so you will have no communication / understanding problem from the information concerning paragliding nor the menu at the restaurant.

The region is totally unknown to me, can I register?

Yes, URUBU-Parapente is aimed at all autonomous paraglider pilots and accompanying persons, whether or not they know the region.

I don't know if I am autonomous in paragliding, can I register?

Our services are aimed at all levels of piloting but you must be at least autonomous as described by the FFVL with the confirmed pilot level

I have been told that the conditions are atomic. I am independent but not very good. Can I fly safely?

We welcome you from 09/15 to 04/30 at ALGODONALES where conditions are considered excellent for free flight during this long period. In addition, we adapt the program according to the level and the objectives of the pilots but it will always be the pilot who decides and will be responsible for the consequences of his decisions.

(In summer we dedicate our services exclusively to experienced cross country pilots in PIEDRAHÍTA)

What is the general atmosphere during the stay?

We are here to be happy, to have fun with our favorite toy, the paraglider. Here, there is no competitive spirit, no stressed people, your URUBU-paragliding guide is friendly, knows the region perfectly, he is relaxed and his team too. Aside from omnipresent and priority security, the key word is "FUN"


If it doesn't fly, what do we do?

We will do everything in our power to fly every day, even if it sometimes takes miles. If despite all that does not fly, we offer free or paid quality options.

Do you organize XC courses?

No, we do not organize any training or internship. We clearly inform our pilots that our services are logistical support and in no case advice or lessons given by an instructor or assistant instructor. We make our organization available for accommodation, choice of sites, etc., ... to schools which organize internships and vacations abroad. They then come with their FFVL or FSVL instructor (s) / ice (s). (Consult us if you are a school or a club that wishes to take advantage of it)

Can I come with my wife and two children who do not fly?

Yes, we will provide you with adequate and comfortable accommodation and quality activities for the day.


Can I register if I am alone?

Yes, that is precisely another of our strengths. Welcoming isolated pilots

Does participating in a guided week mean I'm going to have to stuff myself with the guide and small group day and night?

No, it's up to you. Simply, if you need us, we're here.


How many pilots can you accommodate?

From 1 to 7 pilots. For your comfort and safety, we favor small groups. Often, we block the week with 3 or 4 pilots. (+ accompanying persons).

When is the best time to come and fly with you?

From September 15 to April 30 the conditions are excellent. In summer it is too hot.

Can I see pictures of my accommodation and have more details.

Yes, on request. Our offer varies and is flexible as we work with over 20 trusted owners. This allows us to offer an unbeatable quality-price ratio and all in strict compliance with the standards in force. In any case, you will be very pleasantly surprised because our selection is constantly updated and more and more owners trust us. You benefit from it!

Who cooks my meals and where do I eat?

We suspect some pilots come mainly for that! And we understand them, the local cuisine is exceptionally tasty! Pay attention to your body weight !!! Concretely, you are not going to cook, unless you really want to. Breakfast is often taken in the village on a sunny terrace and the evening meal is local cuisine at the selected restaurant of the day or at the accommodation.

In the evening, I like to be alone with my girlfriend, is that possible or are we always in a group?

Of course, it is about tailor-made, each one does as it pleases. Everything obviously depends on the spirit of your trip, you decide, we adapt whether it is a club outing or a romantic vacation.

Do you guide the flights by radio?

No, you fly alone or with your friends under your full responsibility. We're here to make it easy, not teach you how to fly. On the other hand, thanks to the morning briefing, you have complete information about your flight and the possible options.

Do you lend, sell or rent equipment?

No, each pilot is responsible for his own equipment. If necessary, we can guide you to a workshop or a dealer in whom we trust and who offers attractive prices.


The days are dynamic and often busy and fun you will see ... Andalusia is captivating, beware!

The URUBU-ParapenteⓇ team