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Andalusia, September 11, 2022, 40 degrees in the shade

The autumn-winter urubu paragliding season being about to begin, it was time to take a look of the weather forecast for the next weeks. Although we all know this is unreliable, forecasters are expecting a drier than normal fall. Good news for the paraglider pilot but which must be put into perspective if you think that this summer has been particularly harsh for nature.

In the next few hours, the remains of Hurricane Danielle will bring the first autumn storm to the Peninsula, an Atlantic storm that will leave abundant rains, winds and a significant drop in temperatures.

Thus, while this hurricane has now become a tropical cyclone that is weakening in the Atlantic, an associated front will reach the Peninsula this Sunday afternoon and, in the coming days, will cross the country from west to east, according to forecasts by the Aemet.

A situation in contrast to the summer heat this weekend, which has left temperatures of 40 degrees.

A dry autumn

Although these rains will be very well received, the Aemet forecasts suggest that September, October and November will be drier than normal, with a higher incidence in the west and center of the Peninsula. Twelve days before the beginning of autumn, the situation of meteorological drought is worsening in almost the entire country, with the reservoirs at 35 percent of their total capacity, the worst record for these dates since 2005, and a decrease of 26 percent in the average rainfall.

In summary, if the weather forecast is confirmed, the autumn-winter will be excellent for us paraglider pilots, but too dry for nature which needs water and more freshness.

Translated by Paragliding Urubu Parapente - Sources : Aemet et RTV

Extrait de l'article du 11/09/2022 du site web de RTVE

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