The main reason is obviously the nature that offers it to you. URUBU paragliding awaits you on incredible spots recognized worldwide for paragliding.

Andalusia, and the Algodonales region in particular, are magical places to see at least once in your life as a paragliding pilot.
> With a local guide, who speaks your language, you do not miss a good day and you make the most of the region <

More safety

In Algodonales, a paragliding paradise, with a local guide, you significantly increase your safety by being well informed

More fun

You are guided to the right paragliding site of the day and you fly for your fun & pleasure without worrying about logistics

More airtime

You increase your air time thanks to a good choice of site, good timing, local weather analysis and updating of local particularities


You are better informed of local sources for NOTAM's, authorized, regulated, prohibited or dangerous airspaces


You have shuttles to the take-off and landing areas


The XC pilots are collected where they land. Imagine the comfort of this included service!

You fly without thinking of your way back

Local tips

In addition to an ideally located accommodation, you benefit from good local tips for both paragliding and after-flight

Airport shuttles

You save the costs and risks of renting a car.

Accompanying friendly

Accompanying non-paragliding pilots friendly. We have plenty of nice activities to do for them