With a local guide, experienced paragliding pilot,

you immediately benefit from local knowledge and

you do not miss the jewel!


South Africa, Colombia, Chile, Brazil ... So many destinations that make paraglider pilots dream.


With us, (re) discover the only European destination that allows you to fly all year round in thermal:


Andalusia, very close and accessible to all levels of piloting.


You are at the southernmost point of the continent, where the confluence of west winds (Atlantic) and rising winds (Mediterranean) offer exceptional weather conditions.


By taking a little altitude, you discover the immensity of the Iberian landscapes and the proximity of the mountains of the Moroccan rif. In front of this breathtaking environment we fall in love with unspoiled nature.


To take full advantage of these unique flight conditions, it is essential to know the region and its specific weather perfectly.


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Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends or with your club, with URUBU-PARAPENTE you significantly increase safety and your flight hours. Cross-country skiers are also in the spotlight with numerous 100 + kms achieved regularly. In addition to an ideally located accommodation , you benefit from a free shuttle and recycling service.


You deserve a personalization of your stay and you don't want to wait hours before you can take off when it's good. This is why, we limit our guided stays to a maximum of 7 pilots.


Discover the exhilaration of flying for many hours and prepare your SD cards. It's time to make incredible memories.


Using our services is not necessarily more expensive than if you travel without a guide . You will optimize your flight days as much as possible and significantly increase your safety. We are suitable for all riding levels, from the Sunday driver to the competitor.


Why use a paragliding local guide?

We are ideally positioned to benefit from up-to-date and optimal information. With us, you get the power of the locals to accomplish your best flights in optimal conditions.

Knowledge of local particularities is quite simply your major success / security asset. Take no risk of missing out on the extraordinary beauty of free flight in Andalusia! Follow the vulture ...


A paraglider who has long periods of free time to "tame" a new area or area he or she only visits once or twice a year probably does not need a guide. He will discover slowly thanks to the locals and learn from his mistakes. If he does not speak the language and is not very experienced, this process will be slow.

On the other hand, if like most pilots, you have little time, you have two major options. Either you compete and trust the organizers, or you hire a local guide who will share with you all his knowledge of the region depending on the day and your level.

Our prices are democratic in order to make French-speaking pilots aware of this good practice and so that you are tempted to return to fly regularly with us. Your flight hours will be the best proof!

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