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A local paragliding pilot guiding you in flying paradise


The exceptional conditions offered by nature make Andalusia a phenomenal playground for paragliding. For decades, several paragliding structures of various nationalities have settled there and have helped the authorities to create infrastructures adapted to the needs of pilots.


Here is what makes us unique:

URUBU paragliding is a small local structure that works hard to meet the new expectations of today's pilots


✅ Local guide guide speaking English and Spanish

✅ If we had to quantify our experience, it's about 2000 hours of paragliding support per year and 200 hours of XC, tandem and freestyle flights. And it is increasing every day. Try to imagine how this experience will benefit you during a paragliding week with us.

✅ We fly and live in Algodonales, this is our base camp

Specialist in small groups

✅ We go where it flies.

✅ The accommodations we offer are well located

✅ We are paragliding pilots

✅ Our shuttles are flexible, and good logistical organization allows you to take full advantage

✅ If you don't fly, we offer quality options

✅ Our briefings and local guiding is "à la carte" following your level and wishes

✅ We know all the good addresses


The basis of our charter: we love free flight and Andalusia, and we want to share with you this very special and beautiful place.

Therefore, if you are an experienced and fit paraglider, a Sunday pilot, or if you just like to be in the countryside and in the mountains, you will have fun safely flying with us.


Our goal is to create dynamic days where we favor fun, security and sharing.

Taste the pleasure of breathing the freshest air, of flying high and far. Discover the life of the Andalusian people and taste the "real Spain".


We will make sure you come home with a smile!

Urubu ParaglidingⓇ

Continuing education and experience


Vlad is a paraglider pilot passionate enough about free flight, nature and Andalusia to change his life a few years ago. Professional paraglider oriented cross country, paragliding instructor and experienced tandem pilot, he likes to share and talk about weather, cross country, piloting, equipment and safety. He followed the TDP course, training for paragliding as a professional activity. The sports technician courses are THE professional sports training in Spain. This training has national and European validity.

With an average of 200h of annual flight, the majority in distance flight and in Andalusia, the mastery of its territory is still increasing every day. His favorite playground is western Andalusia. He regularly achieves the best flights nationally on Xcontest and is proud to represent the UP Paragliders brand as an ambassador pilot.


He put his experience in project management to create URUBU paragliding. From his first job as a clearance diver in the Navy, he has kept and constantly improved the rigor of safety processes and protocols.   He also practices other outdoor activities


Vlad is the URUBU project manager and he is accompanied by a flexible and efficient team. We work with the best paragliding players in the region. In the summer, he works as a commercial tandem pilot in the Pyrenees, in Castejon de Sos.

You will be in good hands, you can count on us, we are reliable and professional. Be demanding, come fly with us

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Urubu paragliding offers to autonomous pilots, guided weeks on different sites in Spain. Algodonales, our base, is a traditional white village nestled in the southern valley of the Sierra de Lijar. Here in Andalusia, in the province of Cadíz, on the border with the two neighboring provinces of Malaga and Seville, URUBU paragliding takes advantage of the ideal conditions for practicing paragliding all year round.


Our paragliding guided weeks in Spain are offered all year except in summer. We speak Spanish, French and English and of course the staff is made up of local paragliding pilots who live here in Andalusia.

Our playground includes a dozen take-off areas ideal for paragliding. It is no coincidence that Algodonales has become over time the most international paragliding spot in Spain.


Many personalities from the paragliding world and lambda pilots come here to fly all year round in thermals and soaring with guides or schools of different nationalities.


Due to the complexity of the weather and aerological conditions linked to the geographic location of Algodonales, the usefulness of local guidance is here even more important than elsewhere. It is also this complexity that makes it possible to fly almost every day of the year for a well-informed pilot who agrees to move a little. Here we point out one of our advantages: GOING WHERE IT FLIES (and not, flying where we are).


We are only talking about some of the parameters to be taken into account by the pilot in order to give you an idea of ​​the importance of having a local guide:


A significant amount of sunshine induces generous thermal conditions, the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, the breezes of valleys between the sierras (mountains) of the region, the influence of the rising wind from the Mediterranean, the confluences and numerous convergences are some - one of the parameters to master.


A good local knowledge of these natural phenomena will allow the paraglider pilot, whatever their level, to benefit from their stay by significantly increasing their safety.


Dangerous, prohibited or regulated airspace must also be taken into account for distance pilots. At the international airports of Malaga, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, the soldiers of Moron de la Frontera, Rota, etc. are staying. With a good local guide, you avoid putting your life and that of others in danger for lack of local and updated information. Especially since the "free" areas are very large and allow many axes of XC flights


Depending on the level of the pilots, your local guide will accompany you to the correct site for the day and will inform you of all the indications known by the local pilots. This will allow you to fly more hours safely and avoid dangerous (but predictable) phenomena such as the famous dust-devils frequent in all regions with strong sunshine.


And, of course, you can take advantage of the shuttles, recoveries, accommodation ideally located and adapted to the size of the group (from 1 to 7 pilots + accompanying persons, if applicable) and all the good tips from the locals.


We invite you to come fly with us and you will practice your favorite hobby safely on one of the legendary paragliding spots internationally renowned for its ideal conditions all year round for paragliding. URUBU paragliding welcomes all autonomous pilots whatever their level, from the quiet soaring pilot to the international distance competitor.


The URUBU paragliding team is waiting for you from 15/09 to 31/03



 housing Included

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