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The best paragliding sites located in the southwest of Spain, Andalusia

Discover the Mecca of paragliding: Algodonales, in Andalusia.

The sunny and varied landscapes of the region offer ideal conditions for free flight. With URUBU Paragliding as your local guide, enjoy well-equipped take-off sites and thermal flights in the sierras and mountains of Cádiz. 

Algodonales, in Spain, is known as one of the best places in the world to practice paragliding due to its favorable geographical and meteorological characteristics. Urubu Parapente, a renowned paragliding team, is based in Algodonales and helps to further enhance the benefits of the area for paragliders. Here are some of the advantages of paragliding in Algodonales, especially with Urubu Parapente:

  1. Weather conditions: Algodonales enjoys a Mediterranean climate with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Urubu Parapente's experienced guides are familiar with local conditions and can guide pilots based on weather forecasts for safe flights.

  2. Stunning scenery: The region around Algodonales offers spectacular scenery, including mountains, valleys, lakes and olive groves. Flights with Urubu Parapente allow you to explore these breathtaking landscapes and live a unique experience in the air.

  3. Altitude and Topography: Algodonales sits at an altitude of around 800 meters, which allows for long flights and higher altitudes. Urubu Parapente offers a variety of take-off and landing sites suitable for all levels, thus offering diversified flight possibilities.

  4. Dedicated infrastructure: The presence of Urubu Parapente in Algodonales offers paragliders access to comprehensive services and personalized advice. In addition, repair shops and specialized accommodation are also available for paragliders.

  5. Paraglider community: Algodonales is a meeting place for paragliders from all over the world, and Urubu Parapente plays an active role in this vibrant community. The Urubu Parapente team organizes events, courses and meetings, thus promoting exchanges and conviviality between pilots.

In short, with the presence of Urubu Parapente in Algodonales, paragliding enthusiasts can enjoy ideal weather conditions, magnificent landscapes, a variety of flight sites, dedicated infrastructures and a dynamic community. This makes Algodonales with Urubu Parapente an essential destination for paragliding enthusiasts.

  • Explore the sites of Algodonales, El Bosque, Montellano, Matalascañas, Conil de la Frontera, Teba, Ronda la Vieja, Cañete la Real, Villanueva del Trabuco, Vejer de la Frontera and many more!

Just like at home, respect the airspace and the neighborhood and thus contribute to the sustainability of the sites

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